Precision Medicine


  • Why is it that the same medicine does not suit all similar patients ? Some are cured while many others  either do not respond or even get worse. Many adverse drug reactions are, in fact,  never reported
  • The reason , it is found, is that all patients suffering from the same ailment, do not have the same genetic makeup. General Physicians have no easy and cheap access to genomesequencing in advance for each patient.
  • Genomes study the DNA and protein molecules (a billionth of a meter or a nano-meter in size) and understand causes of diseases (like diabetes, risk of heart failure, depression, dementia and cancer) very accurately.
  • In addition to genomic coding for proteins (proteomic), studies of how the body deals with one’s diet (metabolomic) and bacterial effects (microbolomic) help to arrive at the  correct diagnosis.
  • At such small levels, Quantum Mechanics ( a branch of Physics ) can predict the precise molecular  interactions. This helps to decide the appropriate medicine required for a patient, without any side effects.

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  1. Rajbir says:

    Excellent post. Found it useful.


  2. raj says:

    very informative article.. thank you for sharing

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  3. Bhagwant Singh says:

    Nice explanation

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  4. amrit18 says:

    Sat Siri Akal Uncle Bhatti,
    Thank you for the education and this eye opener. I look forward to learning from the vast knowledge that you have.

    Warm Regards,
    Passionately curious Amrit

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  5. Devinder Pal Singh says:

    Good one.


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